Can a Jacuzzi Tub have a Shower?

A Jacuzzi tub with a shower is a combination fixture that integrates a Jacuzzi bathtub with a shower unit. It allows you to enjoy the relaxation of a soothing Jacuzzi bath and the convenience of a refreshing shower in one unified space. This combination is perfect for those who value both therapeutic soaks and quick, invigorating showers in their daily routine.

Wondering if it’s possible to have a Jacuzzi tub and a shower in one bathroom? Can a Jacuzzi tub have a shower? The answer is yes! You can have the best of both worlds, turning your bathroom into a versatile oasis that caters to your relaxation and daily hygiene needs. Let’s explore how this innovative combination works and the benefits it offers.

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 SlipOn Attachment

One of the most straightforward ways to add a shower to your Jacuzzi tub is by using a slipon attachment. This attachment typically includes a handheld showerhead, a hose, and a diverter spout that connects to your existing bath spout. Installation is relatively simple, and it’s a costeffective solution for those looking for a quick way to enjoy the benefits of both a Jacuzzi bath and a shower. 

 Installation Note

When installing a slipon attachment, ensure that it’s compatible with your Jacuzzi tub’s specific design and dimensions. Some models may not accommodate this type of attachment, so it’s crucial to check with the manufacturer or a professional plumber to guarantee a seamless fit.

 Diverter Spout

Another option is to install a diverter spout. This device is placed on your existing bathtub spout and allows you to divert the water flow between the tub’s faucet and the showerhead. While it doesn’t provide the flexibility of a handheld showerhead, it’s a practical solution for a basic shower setup with your Jacuzzi tub.

What Is a Bathtub Shower Combo?

Before we dive deeper into shower options for your Jacuzzi tub, let’s clarify what a bathtub shower combo actually is. A bathtub shower combo is a versatile bathroom fixture that combines a bathtub with a shower unit. This hybrid design offers you the best of both worlds, allowing you to soak in a relaxing bath or take a quick and refreshing shower without the need for separate installations.

 How To Tell If a Jacuzzi® Tub or Shower Is Right For You

Determining whether a Jacuzzi tub with a shower is the right choice for your bathroom comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Consider the following factors to make an informed decision

 Available Space: Evaluate the available space in your bathroom. A Jacuzzi tub with a shower is a substantial fixture, so ensure you have enough room to accommodate it comfortably.

 Usage think :about how you plan to use your bathroom. If you enjoy long soaks in a Jacuzzi tub and need a quick shower option, this combination is perfect. However, if you rarely use the bathtub, a standalone shower might be more suitable.

 Aesthetics: Consider the design and style of your bathroom. A wellintegrated Jacuzzi tub and shower combo can enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.

 Budget: Determine your budget for the project. The cost of installing a Jacuzzi tub with a shower can vary based on your choices, so make sure it aligns with your financial plans.

 Diverter Tub Spout with Attached Shower Head

A diverter tub spout with an attached showerhead is a convenient solution for those who prefer a fixed showerhead in their Jacuzzi tub setup. The diverter tub spout replaces your regular bath spout, and the attached showerhead offers a comfortable and consistent water flow for your showering needs.

 Installation and Compatibility

When considering this option, ensure that the diverter tub spout is compatible with your Jacuzzi tub. Professional installation may be necessary, especially if there are any specific plumbing requirements.

 Roman Tub Faucet with Hand Shower

For an elegant and sophisticated look, you can opt for a Roman tub faucet with a hand shower. This style is often associated with luxury bathrooms and offers a unique combination of a freestanding faucet and a handheld showerhead. The Roman tub faucet fills your Jacuzzi tub, while the handheld showerhead provides you with a convenient shower experience.

 Roman Tub Faucet with Hand Shower

 Features and Aesthetics

Roman tub faucets are available in various designs and finishes, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom’s style. This setup can add a touch of grandeur to your space while maintaining functionality.

Stylish and luxurious appearanceMay require professional installation
Versatile for both bath and showerHigher initial cost
Various design options availableMay take up more space

 Separate Shower Head and Valve on the Wall

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you can opt for a separate shower head and valve installed on the wall. This setup provides you with the flexibility to position the showerhead according to your preferences, ensuring a customized and comfortable shower experience. 

 Installation and Customization

Installing a separate shower head and valve on the wall may involve some plumbing work. However, it allows you to have full control over the placement and height of the showerhead, catering to your specific needs and comfort.


 Can I add a shower to my existing Jacuzzi tub?

Yes, you can add a shower to your existing Jacuzzi tub using various attachment options, such as slip-on attachments or diverter spouts.

 Are all Jacuzzi tubs compatible with showers?

Not all Jacuzzi tubs are compatible with showers. It’s essential to check with the manufacturer or a professional plumber to ensure compatibility.

 What’s the advantage of a Roman tub faucet with a hand shower?

A Roman tub faucet with a hand shower combines elegance and functionality, making it a stylish addition to your Jacuzzi tub setup.

 Can I install a separate shower head without major renovations?

You can install a separate shower head without major renovations, but some plumbing work may be required for the installation.

 Do I need professional assistance for shower installation?

The need for professional assistance depends on the complexity of the installation and your plumbing skills. For more intricate setups, it’s advisable to seek professional help.


In the world of bathroom upgrades, the answer to “Can a Jacuzzi Tub have a Shower” is a resounding yes. The journey we’ve taken in this exploration reveals that you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and versatile oasis. Whether you opt for a simple slip-on attachment, a stylish Roman tub faucet with a hand shower, or a customized separate shower head, the choice is yours. It all comes down to your preferences, the space you have, and your budget. So, go ahead and embrace the convenience of both a Jacuzzi bath and a refreshing shower – it’s possible, and it’s all about enhancing your home comfort. Make your bathroom an even more enjoyable space with this perfect combination of relaxation and daily convenience.

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