How To Get Sand Out Of Hot Tub?

Getting sand out of a hot tub means removing tiny grains of sand that may have entered the tub. Sand can make the water dirty and scratch the tub’s surface. It is important to clean the sand out to keep the hot tub clean and safe for use.

Discover the secret to enjoying a pristine hot tub experience. Learn the simple yet crucial steps to effortlessly banish sand from your hot tub, ensuring crystal-clear waters and a luxurious soak every time. Say goodbye to gritty discomfort and hello to pure relaxation.

Sand can get into a hot tub if brought in from outside, such as from the beach or a sandbox. To get sand out of a hot tub, first, turn off the tub’s power. Then, use a fine-mesh net or a vacuum with a filter to scoop or suck up the sand. Be careful not to scratch the tub. After removing the sand, clean and rinse the tub thoroughly before using it again.

Use a shop vacuum

Use a shop vacuum

When it comes to removing sand from a hot tub, one effective tool to consider is a shop vacuum. A shop vacuum is a powerful and versatile cleaning device that can easily handle the task at hand. With its strong suction capabilities and various attachments, it allows you to efficiently extract the sand particles from your hot tub. Simply attach a fine-mesh filter or a dust bag to the vacuum’s hose to prevent the sand from entering the machine. 

Carefully maneuver the vacuum around the tub, focusing on areas where the sand tends to accumulate. Ensure that you cover all the nooks and corners. Once finished, empty the vacuum’s contents and clean or replace the filter as necessary. Using a shop vacuum makes the process of getting sand out of your hot tub quicker and more hassle-free, providing you with a clean and enjoyable bathing experience.

Use a spa wand

When faced with the task of removing sand from a hot tub, a practical tool to rely on is a spa wand. A spa wand is a handheld device specifically designed for cleaning hot tubs and spas. It typically consists of a long handle and a scoop-like attachment at the end. Using a spa wand is straightforward. Submerge the wand into the water and aim it towards the sand particles. 

Gently move the wand over the affected areas, allowing the scoop to collect the sand. The wand’s design ensures that only clean water is returned to the tub while trapping the sand within the scoop. Once finished, dispose of the collected sand and rinse the wand thoroughly. With its simplicity and effectiveness, a spa wand is a convenient tool for effortlessly getting sand out of your hot tub, ensuring a pristine and enjoyable bathing experience.

Make a siphon

Make a siphon

Creating a siphon is a handy technique for removing sand from a hot tub. To make a siphon, you will need a garden hose and a source of clean water, such as a nearby faucet or hose. Start by submerging one end of the hose in the hot tub, ensuring it reaches the bottom where the sand accumulates. Next, turn on the water source to fill the hose, removing any air bubbles. Once the hose is full, quickly place your thumb over the end submerged in the hot tub, keeping the water inside. 

Move the capped end of the hose to a lower elevation, preferably outside the tub, and release your thumb. Gravity will then create a suction effect, drawing water out of the tub and carrying the sand along with it. Ensure the other end of the hose remains lower than the hot tub to maintain the flow. This simple siphoning method allows you to remove sand from your hot tub effectively.

Buy a Grit-Gitter

If you’re looking for a convenient solution to remove sand from your hot tub, consider purchasing a Grit-Gitter. The Grit-Gitter is a handheld vacuum device specifically designed for small-scale cleaning tasks like hot tub maintenance. It features a compact size and a powerful suction capability, allowing you to easily suck up sand particles from the tub’s surface. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable to use and maneuver around the tub

Simply glide the Grit-Gitter over the sand, and it will swiftly collect the grains without scratching the tub’s surface. Once you’ve finished cleaning, empty the collected sand from the device, and it’s ready for use again. With a Grit-Gitter in your hot tub cleaning arsenal, you can effortlessly and efficiently keep your tub free from sand, ensuring a clean and enjoyable bathing experience.

Water toys and squirt guns

Water toys and squirt guns

Water toys and squirt guns are popular items among children and even adults during hot summer days or water play activities. These toys provide entertainment and opportunities for interactive water play. Here are some key points about water toys and squirt guns:

Variety: Water toys come in various forms, including water guns, inflatable water slides, water balloons, sprinklers, and more. There is a wide range of options to suit different preferences and age groups.

Outdoor Fun: Water toys are primarily designed for outdoor use, encouraging children to engage in active play and enjoy the outdoors while staying cool.

Motor Skills Development: Playing with water toys can enhance fine motor skills as children aim, squeeze, and manipulate the toys to spray water.

Social Interaction: Water toys promote social interaction and cooperative play among children. They can engage in friendly water fights or collaborate in water-based games.

Cooling Effect: Water toys offer a refreshing and cooling experience, especially on hot days, providing relief from the heat and allowing individuals to stay hydrated while having fun.

Creativity and Imagination: Water toys stimulate creativity and imagination, as children can invent their own games and scenarios using the toys.

Safety Considerations: It is essential to follow safety guidelines when using water toys. Adequate adult supervision, age-appropriate toys, and ensuring water safety measures are in place are crucial for a safe play environment.

Overall, water toys and squirt guns provide an enjoyable and interactive way to beat the heat and create lasting memories during water play activities.

Try Silly Putty

Try Silly Putty

If you’re looking for a fun and unique sensory experience, try Silly Putty. Silly Putty is a stretchy, moldable, and squishy substance that provides hours of entertainment for both kids and adults. Its unique texture allows you to shape it into different forms, bounce it like a ball, or even use it to pick up newspaper print. Silly Putty comes in various vibrant colors and is an excellent tool for stress relief and creative play. Whether you’re looking to relieve tension, strengthen hand muscles, or simply have fun, Silly Putty is a versatile and enjoyable option that never fails to put a smile on your face.

Drain the spa

Draining the spa is an essential maintenance task to keep your hot tub clean and in optimal condition. To drain the spa, start by turning off the power to the tub. Locate the drain valve, usually found at the bottom of the hot tub. Attach a garden hose to the drain valve and direct the other end to an appropriate drainage area. 

Open the valve to release the water, ensuring it flows smoothly through the hose. Once the spa is empty, use a sponge or cloth to clean any remaining residue. Finally, rinse the tub thoroughly and refill it with fresh water before reactivating the power. Regularly draining your spa helps maintain water quality and prolongs the lifespan of your hot tub.

Stay in touch

Stay in touch

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Why do we need to remove sand from the hot tub?

We need to remove sand because it can make the water dirty and scratch the tub’s surface.

How can we get sand out of the hot tub?

We can use a fine-mesh net or a vacuum with a filter to scoop or suck up the sand.

What should we do before removing the sand?

Before removing the sand, we should turn off the hot tub’s power to make sure it’s safe.

Is it important to clean the tub after removing the sand?

Yes, it’s important to clean and rinse the tub thoroughly after removing the sand to keep it clean and ready for use.

Can we use the hot tub after getting the sand out?

Yes, once we have removed the sand and cleaned the hot tub, it will be safe and ready to use again.


In conclusion, dealing with sand in your hot tub can be a frustrating experience, but with the right methods and maintenance practices, you can keep your hot tub sand-free. Whether you choose to use a shop vacuum, spa wand, siphon, Grit-Gitter, water toys, Silly Putty, or a combination of these methods, it’s important to be thorough and patient during the cleaning process. Additionally, establishing a regular hot tub maintenance routine and encouraging proper bathing habits can significantly reduce the likelihood of sand accumulation. By staying proactive and following the techniques outlined in this article, you can enjoy a clean and sand-free hot tub experience.

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