Is UFC Gym worth it?

Introducing the quintessential manual to UFC Gym! We’ve condensed all our wisdom onto this page, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the gym chain.

71 Total Locations       38000 Average Size (sq ft)       4.14 Average Google Rating

Amenities offered at UFC Gym

UFC Gyms stand out from the crowd in the most remarkable and extraordinary manner. They seamlessly blend combat and team elements with the conventional amenities of a gym, resulting in an incredibly compelling offering. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in this unique hybrid:

  • 85% of their locations boast workout turf, with a staggering 60 out of 71 gyms featuring this feature.
  • An impressive 73% of their locations are equipped with an Olympic lifting station, totaling 52 out of 71 gyms.
  • And for those seeking relaxation after an intense workout, 42% of UFC locations offer a sauna. That’s a cozy 30 out of 71 gyms where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Members also get access to standard gym offerings like:

We offer an array of fitness amenities, including:

  • Free weights paired with benches for versatile strength training.
  • Cardio machines such as ellipticals, stair-masters, and treadmills to elevate your heart rate and endurance.
  • An assortment of strength machines to target various muscle groups.

While specific statistics are pending, anticipate that numerous UFC gyms will include areas equipped with mats, heavy bags, boxing gear, and Octagon spaces, enhancing the breadth of your workout options.


These amenities are available at some locations

Personal Training

Group Training

Sauna (30 Locations)

Swimming Pool (6Locations)

Basketball (3Locations)

Childcare (5Locations)

Steam Room (6Locations)

Spa/Hot-Tub (5Locations)

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This equipment is available at some locations

Cardio Machines (treadmills and more)

Weight Training (free weights & machines)

Locker Room



Towel Service (8 Locations)

Olympic Lifting (52Locations)

Functional Turf (60Locations)


These amenities are not offered at any UFC Gym location.

Open 24-hours-a-day



Massage Chairs


Cardio Cinema



Retail Area


Women Only Workout Area

Cold Plunge

Smoothie/Shake Bar

What time does UFC Gym open & close?

What time does UFC Gym open & close?

UFC Gym locations offer robust fitness opportunities throughout the week, albeit not around the clock. While doors aren’t open 24/7, you can still seize the day with their generous operating hours. Here’s a snapshot of the typical schedule you can expect:

  • Monday through Thursday: Doors open bright and early at 5:00 AM, ensuring you can kickstart your day with a workout, and they close at 11:00 PM, providing ample time for those late-night sessions.
  • Friday: The fitness fun continues until 9:00 PM, giving you a chance to sweat it out after a busy week.
  • Saturday: While doors open slightly later at 7:00 AM, you still have plenty of time to achieve your fitness goals until 6:00 PM.
  • Sunday: Doors open at 8:00 AM, offering a slightly later start to your Sunday fitness routine, but you can still enjoy a solid workout until 6:00 PM.
  • So, while UFC Gyms may not operate around the clock, their extensive hours ensure there’s always time to train, no matter your schedule.

UFC Gym by the numbers

Distinct Destinations (We meticulously keep track of the myriad locations within this expansive fitness chain)71
Composite Customer Rating (The harmonized average appraisal across all their establishments)4.14
Standard Gym Area (Ample space for myriad pursuits! The average dimensions of their fitness centers)38,000 sq. ft.
Monthly Membership Standard Rate (The baseline fee for monthly access to their facilities)$59.00
Metropolitan Areas Encompassed (Find a UFC Gym in this many cities) 20

What we love about UFC Gym

We love the close relationship between combat sports, training techniques, coaches and traditional gym equipment/services. Yes, this unique gym chain blends all of the above in an impactful all-in-one brand.

The whole concept of a hybrid gym chain, offering up the more traditional weights/cardio options, as well as blending kickboxing, MMA and combat activities. 

Sizeable clubs, an average of about 38,000 square feet. Many locations with mats and Octagons are also welcome additions.

We’re impressed with the addition of saunas to their locations—30 total in fact. Makes sense as a great warm-up or post-workout amenity.

What we wish UFC Gym would improve

What we wish UFC Gym would improve

UFC Gym already offers an impressive mix of services and amenities. Still, we can name a few things we’d like to see from them.

There were more clarity on the different gym levels that are offered. Locations include UFC Fit, UFC Class and UFC Gym.

Pools (just 6) and hot tubs (just 5) got more love at UFC gyms. Adding these aqua recovery amenities would really challenge huge gym chains.

They provided more photos for each location on their website. Seriously: we want to see the weights, mats, cardio and Octagon areas.

How much is UFC Gym?

UFC Gyms offer a premium experience that may come with a slightly higher price tag compared to other mid-tier options, but it’s still within reach for many fitness enthusiasts. 

Their entry-level membership, dubbed “Fitness,” kicks off at a reasonable $49 per month. However, at most locations, you’re looking at around $59 per month for this package. 

For those looking to step up their game, the “Challenger” membership, priced at approximately $99 per month, grants you access to multiple locations along with unlimited Conditioning Classes. 

At the top tier is the “Champion” plan, which ranges from $99 to $129 per month. This comprehensive package not only includes all the perks of the previous tiers but also offers unlimited guest privileges, a 90-Day Fight Pass, and discounts on additional services.

Regardless of the chosen plan, members enjoy standard access to strength and cardio facilities. 

Additionally, they get complimentary entry to UFC Pay-Per-View Fight parties—a significant perk for avid fans. Considering the cost of these PPV events, which can reach up to $79.99, opting for a UFC Gym membership might just feel like getting a free pass to premium content.

Annual fees range from $39 to $59, billed within 60 days of sign-up. Most clubs also charge up front for first and last months dues.

We’ve seen $25 to $40 enrollment fees, along with a $59 processing fee. There have been some locations in our research that don’t have a processing fee.

Gym prices got you stressed out? Start with a free trial instead.

Top amenities offered at UFC Gym

All the gym essentials

Free weights, strength machines and cardio equipment.

30 saunas to choose from

Nothing like the hot heat to warm muscles up.

Swim laps in 6 different pools

Dive in to relax after your work—or you can swim laps at UFC Gym.

Practice your shot at 3 courts

Courts with regulation rims and beautiful hardwood. Just 8% of gyms nationwide have a court.

5 different locations with childcare

What a rare treat. Less than 9% of gyms in the country have childcare/daycare!

Functional turf workouts at 60 gyms

Stretch, sleds, bodyweight or box jumps. The turf area is the place to be.

5 hot tubs FTW!

Relieve pain post workout or soothe sore muscles.  

Additional info about UFC Gym

Breaking News:

A brand-new, expansive 18,000 square foot gym has just reopened its doors in Murrieta, offering locals a premier fitness experience right in their backyard.

Excitement is brewing in Pittsburg as a new UFC Gym has been unveiled, boasting the presence of former Steeler Ryan Shazier. This fusion of athleticism and star power promises a thrilling fitness journey for enthusiasts in the area.

Meanwhile, the vibrant town of Hilo, Hawaii, is abuzz with the inauguration of BJ Penn’s latest UFC Gym. With its tropical backdrop and top-notch facilities, it’s set to be a hotspot for fitness aficionados in paradise.


In the annals of fitness history, UFC GYM stands tall, tracing its roots back to 2009 as an offshoot of the renowned MMA sports fighting league, UFC. Spearheaded by Mark Mastrov, the visionary behind 24 Hour Fitness, this venture was lauded by Dana White, then-UFC President, as a natural progression in the fitness landscape.

“The concept of UFC Gyms has been on our radar for quite some time now. It was a natural fit for us when we connected with Mark Mastrov as our partner. Mark’s track record speaks for itself; he’s the visionary behind some of the most influential fitness brands globally.”

Since its inception, UFC Gyms have steadily expanded their footprint, now boasting an impressive presence in 37 countries with 150 locations worldwide as of April 2022. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their stellar Google Star Rating, averaging at an impressive 4.14 across the 71 gyms meticulously tracked across the USA.

Final thoughts — Is UFC Gym worth it?

UFC Gym seamlessly integrates various fitness components into a cohesive experience that just clicks. For aficionados of combat sports such as kickboxing, MMA, and boxing, UFC Gyms provide an ideal community to hone their skills. 

But it doesn’t stop there. For those seeking a more traditional workout regimen replete with weights, strength-building apparatus, and even amenities like basketball courts and saunas, UFC Gyms have you covered. 

The fusion of these two seemingly disparate worlds within one facility is a stroke of genius, likely a foundational principle that spurred the inception of this gym chain. And judging by the surge in popularity and expansion of both UFC and its gyms, it’s evidently a winning formula.

While the monthly membership fees range from $59 to $129, a step up from the budget gyms at $9.99/month or mid-tier options around $39.99, the value proposition is clear for the target demographic:

  • Enthusiasts revel in the diverse group fitness offerings, including boxing conditioning, kickboxing, and HIIT sessions.
  • The prospect of PPV fight parties adds an exciting dimension to the gym experience.
  • From turf areas to strength equipment, the Octagon, mats, and heavy bags, the equipment caters to combat training needs.

Choosing UFC over alternatives like LA Fitness or Esporta is a resounding “yes” for those prioritizing the above aspects and a “no” for amenities like pools, basketball courts, saunas, steam rooms, massages, and tanning beds.

However, it’s worth noting that UFC has expanded its offerings, with 71 locations now featuring pools, childcare facilities, and basketball courts. Thus, while retaining its core combat-focused ethos, UFC Gyms now also provide the amenities of big-box gyms. 

Ultimately, the decision hinges on individual preferences and local offerings. But the flexibility and comprehensive approach that UFC Gyms offer make them an enticing choice for individuals invested in holistic health and wellness. In essence, UFC Gyms deliver on their promise, making them a worthwhile investment in one’s fitness journey.

$10 – $25 /month — Value

  •   Standard/basic equipment available.
  •   Cardio machines include treadmills and ellipticals.
  •   Various free-weights and strength machines provided.

$15 – $30 /month — High Value Low Price

  •   Includes all the features of the previous tier.
  •   Some gyms offer saunas or pools.
  •   Additional amenities such as massage and tanning options.
  •   Expect newer style amenities like Olympic lifting platforms, functional turf, and cardio cinema.

$25 – $65 Monthly — Mid-Tier

  •   Incorporates all the amenities from the previous tiers.
  •   Facilities are placed in larger spaces, often with pools, saunas, and steam rooms.
  •   Additional amenities may include basketball courts and childcare services.
  •   Typically associated with “older” big-box gyms, which have numerous locations across the country.

$65 and up — Boutique/Specialty/Luxury

  •   Offers the highest-end cardio equipment along with advanced, expensive machines.
  •   Specializes in specialty group training and fitness classes.
  •   Provides luxury or boutique locker rooms, workspaces, and lounges.

Is this gym worth it?

  •   Utilize our guides to make informed decisions about the gym’s offerings and how they align with your fitness lifestyle.
  •   Ultimately, the decision of whether a gym is worth it depends on your personal preferences and needs.

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